Our firm believes that the fair treatment of customers is essential to the success of the business.


Our advisors can assist with General Financial Planning, Investment Advice, Long Term and Short Term Insurance (including specialised short term cover such as Wild Game Insurance, and Risk Cover for the Agricultural sector), Health solutions, Employee Benefits, Wills and Trusts, Legal and Business Support, Training, Human Resources, and Compliance support.


Customers are our most valuable asset and are a key stakeholder in the business, both directly and because of the influence the quality of the customer experience has on the businesses’ relationships with other crucial stakeholders.


We are fully committed to providing the highest standards of customer-centric financial services and our aim is to ensure we deliver a user-friendly, robust, reliable and cost-effective service, embedded into our daily standard operations. We’re about working hard, with intelligence and providing unparalleled service to our business partners and customers.

Simply Fais specialises in the following services:

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Simply Group is a partner you can rely with all your Compliance, Risk and training needs. We have been in the industry since 1995 and have become one of the top players in SA. Contact us for more information.